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Tsunami’s aren’t new

…but I guess you knew that.

This article describes old stone tablets up to 600 years old in Japan that act as warnings against tsunamis. Some are built inland or up hills to mark how far away from the sea houses should be built, and others just remind people to immediately get away from the coast when there is an earthquake.

And here are a collection of pictures – cartoons? – from the mid-19th century, with catfish representing a tsunami that hit Tokyo.


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Retro Cosplay

I always thought cosplay was a new thing. Apparently not. This blog has pictures and (a very little bit of) writing about cosplay in the 70s and 80s.



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Superheroes are real

Really, they are. Maybe these people read a few too many comic books, maybe they’re just really good people, or maybe they’re bored. But they’re definitely superheroes.


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