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Ueli Steck speed solo Eiger record

What did you do this morning? Climb a mountain? Straight up the side with the cliff? By yourself? With no ropes?

This video shows Ueli Steck, from Switzerland, breaking the speed record for climbing the north side of Mount Eiger, which is also called the Death Wall because 64 people have died trying to climb it. The video is terrifying, exhilarating and beautiful.



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Saving the World…One Mouthful at a Time

Eating insects in Vietnam isn’t entirely unusual, but it is to westerners. I think the grubs at com binh dan’s taste good but I’m not keen on the texture. The crickets’ legs get stuck in my teeth and tickle the roof of my mouth, so no thanks.

That said, this article from Der Spiegel advocates more insect eating as a high-protein environmentally replacement to meat. Bring on the bugs!


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