Is The End Nigh? We’ll Know Soon Enough

What are you doing on May 21 at 6pm?

If you’ve been preparing for doomsday in 2012, you probably won’t be ready for the real end of the world, which comes in less than two weeks.

Christians believe that there will be a judgment day when God will judge the worth of all people, living or dead. The world will end, bodies will rise out of the ground, and we will either go to hell or to heaven. Some people have used the Bible calculate that this will happen on May 21 at 6pm.

This is a radio broadcast, but it is typed out so can also be read.



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One response to “Is The End Nigh? We’ll Know Soon Enough

  1. peddiebill

    Just for the record. If there is anyone there who actually believes this stuff can they please prove it by willing their possessions to Christian World Service as from the 22nd May. If you turn out to be wrong and have been frightening everyone with a false prophecy, regard it as a just punishment, not to mention a generous donation to a good cause.
    If you turn out to be right, you wont have lost anything and you can have a good laugh at everyone else’s expense. Either way there will be just outcome. Of course you might like to check out the extensive list of past failed prophecies and get a little more reason back into your faith. You could always start with the list on my site if you dont know where else to look.

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